Dual Select

The Dual Select control do a job that is very similar to a multi-select, in that, it allows the selection of several items of a pre-defined list of items. However, it perform tasks that a standard multi-select can't do:

  • selected items may be moved up and down
  • both available items and selected items may be searched with the help of search textboxes. The algorithm sort all items according to their "similarity" with the search string. As a consequence, it is enough to enter a few characters(not necessarily consecutive) contained in our target string to find the target string.

The dual select is composed of two boxes, and items are moved from a box to another or up/down in the same box with the help of buttons. The developer may select which parts the dual select is composed of (boxes, buttons, search boxes, header texts, etc.), to show, with a fluent interface. Below an example of Dual Select:

Dual Select

The way all parts of a dual select are arranged depends on its Overall Template, that ,ay be customized quite easily.