The Data Moving Plug-in comes with substantially 4 types of grids: the SimpleGrid working as a server control, the SimpleGrid working as a client control, the TrackedServerGrid(server only control), and the TreeGrid(client only control) when it works with a single not nested collection. All grids may be connected with a detail form, and data may be edited both on line and through the detail form. Sorting, filtering & paging may be provided by adding various types of Retrieval Managers with the grids fluent interfaces. Various types of client-server synchronization and changes tracking are supported, too.

The fluent interface of the SimpleGrid offers an high degree of control on the Html rendered by the grid. The appearance of the grid may change from a standard Grid, to a full page grid, or to a list, or to a matrix, and more...just by changing some options with the control fluent interface, and/or by adding appropriate css classes. Moreover, the developer may provide both column and row custom templates. When the sorting mode of the SimpleGrid is turned on, grid items may be sorted by dragging them, and may also be exchanged with other SimpleGrids. 

The TrackedServerGrid is a specialization of the SimpleGrid that offers a peculiar way to track and undo changes that is useful when using server controls based pages.

The TreeGrid offers a lower degree of control on the Html rendered since it has been designed mainly to handle nested collections. However, it offers a sophysticated way to exchange its rows with other TreeGrids that may be useful also when it is used with linear (not nested) collections.  More details about the TreeGrid/TreeView are here.